Undergraduate Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine

A novel educational programme for the University of Glasgow, focusing on developing acute care and non-technical skills. Delivered in collaboration with the Emergency Medical Retrieval Service.


About uPHEM Glasgow

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The Undergraduate Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (uPHEM) programme was established in September 2016 and aims to introduce undergraduates to the world of pre-hospital emergency medicine. Students can benefit from funded places at national conferences, simulation teaching, clinical governance experience and numerous educational days featuring workshops and lectures from experts in the field. While the majority of tomorrows' doctors won't regularly work in the field, the pre-hospital environment has much to teach us about acute/critical care, non-technical skills and a safety/high performance culture. These lessons will be crucial for anyone working in a rural GP, A&E, critical care or any acute environment.

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Clinical Governance Days

Educational Days

Simulation Teaching


Project Sign-Up & Competition

Congratulations to those who entered for a chance to win a ticket to Retrieval 2019! Watch this space for more information on signing up and entering the competition for the academic term 2019-2020!

Senior Clinicians Wanted

Recruitment is currently closed for the 2018-2019 term.

More information will be published when recruiting opens again.


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Thank you to all those who submitted applications to join our junior faculty this year.

Applications are currently closed for the academic year but watch this space for next years recruitment cycle!


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